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Ready to have a blast with some super cool turkey coloring pages? We’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re a coloring pro, a seasoned artist, or just someone looking for a fun and relaxing activity, you’re in the right place! These adorable designs are perfect for sparking creativity for the Thanksgiving holiday or year-round.

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Let’s start coloring!

Smiling turkey
Smiling turkey
Silly turkey with big feathers turkey coloring pages
Silly turkey with big feathers
Turkey standing on rocks  turkey coloring pages
Turkey standing on rocks
Standing turkey coloring pages
Standing turkey
Cute turkey in a pot turkey coloring pages
Cute turkey in a pot

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Sitting turkey with big feathers turkey coloring pages
Sitting turkey with big feathers

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All about turkeys

Turkeys are large birds that are known for their delicious meat and beautiful feathers. They are found in North America and are often seen on farms, in the wild, or even on your dinner plate during Thanksgiving! Male turkeys have a colorful fan of feathers that they can puff up to impress female turkeys, while female turkeys are usually smaller and have more muted feathers. Getting creative with the beautiful feathers is especially fun with turkey coloring pages!

Turkeys are omnivores, which means they eat both plants and animals. They like to eat seeds, berries, insects, and even small reptiles and amphibians. Their unique digestive system allows them to digest tough plant materials like grass and leaves.

Did you know that wild turkeys can fly? They might not be able to fly very far, but they can fly up into trees to escape predators. Domesticated turkeys, on the other hand, are usually too heavy to fly and spend most of their time on the ground. If you ever see a turkey in the wild, remember to admire its beauty and give it plenty of space to roam!

Whether you’re a teacher looking for an educational activity or a parent helping your child learn about fascinating animals, cartoon characters, unicorns, places, community service jobs, or other things, coloring printables can provide hours of engaging entertainment and valuable information as a starting point for learning.

Whether it’s for kids wanting to learn more about how things work or adults dreaming of nostalgia, our free coloring pages make the perfect addition to any day filled with fun activities. You’re sure to find something that sparks your interest!

Getting started doesn’t take much—just a few supplies and some creativity.

So grab your crayons, markers, or colored pencils, and get excited about coloring and letting your imagination flow! You can even get a lap desk and take your coloring pages with you to enjoy in the car, or while you’re waiting for your turn at an appointment!

Each coloring page is for personal, non-commercial use only. Read the specific terms of use here.

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