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God has a bigger vision for our friendship than even we can begin to understand.

Angela A. Sacket

About us

Welcome to our Little Corner of Fun and Goodness on the Web

Hi! Welcome to Simply Love Coloring! Meet the creators behind the pages, Tawna (left) and Kelly (right).

To sum it up simply:

We met in a Facebook group. Tawna hired Kelly to create some printables for a project. One project turned into two. Two projects turned into a friendship. The friendship grew into Simply Love Coloring.

We live 800 miles apart, but we didn’t let that stop us!

(If our picture is cut off and you are on mobile, turn your phone sideways!)

And here’s a little more about us:

Kelly is a widowed mom of seven children and shares her time with two adorable grandbabies. She started her journey creating printables as a virtual assistant and then expanded into creating two of her own printable websites, both of which she sold.

Tawna is a prior school teacher, school counselor, university professor, and creator of multiple niche websites. She is married with two boys and loves playing with two adorable grandlittles.

Tawna takes on the job of organizing the website, finding the best keywords, adding content, and the rest of the background work that goes into building and creating a website, while Kelly works countless hours creating the unique and captivating images and printables you find on our site.

“We’re on an unstoppable mission to build the world’s biggest site of FREE coloring pages and printables! Come back and see us frequently!”

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